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11 October 2018

Japan Overtakes Singapore For World's Most Convenient Passports

Japan's passports give holders more visa-free/visa-on-arrival access to countries than any other,...

23 April 2018

French Nationality Comes Top In Global Index

The value of French citizenship is high from a cross-border freedom point of view, while the UK's...

17 March 2017

Visa Restrictions Index Hints At Changes Ahead In Global Mobility

Here is an overview of the 2017 Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index, produced in partnership...

13 December 2016

INTERVIEW: St James's Place Discusses UAE Ventures, Millennial Strategies

This publication recently caught up with St James's Place to talk future prospects across the globe...

Market Research
28 January 2016

Citizenship, Residence Planning Firm Issues Guide

A firm operating in areas such as "golden visas" has brought out a guide to citizenship and...

New Products
24 August 2015

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Henley Business School On Financial Sector Training, Asia's Challenges

A major business school that is about to start its inaugural training programme on hedge funds in...

Alt Investments
21 April 2015

Henley Business School Rolls Out Executive Hedge Fund Programme In Hong Kong

The business school is tapping what it sees as demand for top-level training in this part of the...

19 March 2015

Global Residence, Citizenship Planning Advisor Turns Gaze To Plight Of Refugees

The global specialists in citizenship and residency planning, often dealing with wealthy people,...

New Office
15 September 2014

Fintec Consultancy Capco Expands Heavily In Asia

Financial technology consultancy Capco has expanded its Hong Kong premises to sustain its business...

M and A
17 June 2014

UK Wealth Manager Acquires The Henley Group

Confirming its statement in April of an imminent deal, St James's Place has acquired The Henley...

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