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29 May 2024

Survey Reveals Split In How Hong Kong, Singapore HNWs Use Investment Platforms

The study, based on a survey of HNW individuals in these financial centres, uncovers differences in...

22 May 2024

It's True – AI Really Does Boost Financial Sector's Productivity

A new PwC study analysing AI's impact on jobs, skills, wages, and productivity suggests that AI...

21 May 2024

Affluent Asian Parents Look Abroad For Education, Flinch At Cost – HSBC

Banks such as HSBC know that affluent/HNW clients look to them for advice about the financial...

1 May 2024

Family Offices Diversify Holdings; Cyber Attacks A Worry

The survey by the US banking group found that the average portfolio had a 45 per cent allocation to...

28 March 2024

HNW Investors' Cash Love Affair Creates Dangers – Capital Group

The survey shows that investors could miss out on market opportunities because of their high cash...

20 March 2024

Even Wealthiest Singaporeans Fall Short In Financial Resilience

The financial services group has conducted research among Singapore citizens – and those in other...

15 March 2024

Global Tech Study Reveals How Financial Firms Grapple With AI, Cybersecurity, Training

The study reflects the attitudes towards digital technology present in sectors including private...

1 March 2024

San Francisco Top In Schroders 2024 Global Cities Index, Ahead Of London, Hong Kong

London-headquartered asset manager Schroders this week released its 2024 Global Cities Index. ...

28 February 2024

Malta, Portugal Shine Brightest In Citizenship, Residency Programmes Ranking

The data sheds light on who is top of the tree in the citizenship and residency-by-investment...

27 February 2024

Wealth Connect Scheme Widens; HSBC Sees Flows Expanding

Initially introduced in 2021, the Connect scheme which covers mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao...

Comment & Analysis results for Surveys

29 August 2022

Asia Has Less Envy And More People Striving For Wealth

Social envy of wealth is much lower in parts of Asia than in many European nations – arguably a...

4 September 2020

Family-Owned Businesses Withstand COVID Assaults

Credit Suisse Research Institute has published its latest findings on the resilience of...

30 June 2020

Summary Of Wealth Management-Related MBAs, Post-Grad Courses - Updated

There is much talk in the wealth industry about the importance of talent management but what...

2 December 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Report Questions The Quality Of Social Media Activity Among Private Banks

The overall quality of social media activity among prevalent global wealth managers and private...

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30 September 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Swiss Private Bank Survey Reveals Wide Quality Differences

A survey of 14 Swiss private banks revealed the calibre of investment advice and consultation...

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1 July 2013

It's Tough Out There For Global Wealth Managers, But Lots Of Varied Fortunes - PwC

Wealth managers around the world must contend with a still-tough global economy although there are...

Industry Surveys
25 June 2013

North America Private Banks Have Banner Year In 2012, Profits Improve - McKinsey

Private banks in the US and Canada enjoyed a “banner year” in 2012 terms of net inflows of...

26 September 2012

Advanced HNW Planning Benefits "Negated" By Outdated Estate Plans - New Study

Three-quarters of estate plans relating to HNW clients are at least three years old, yet an...

26 April 2012

What The Wealthy Are Holding - Tiger 21 Reveals Member Asset Allocations

While the worst of the financial crisis may be over, members of the exclusive Tiger 21 peer-to-peer...

30 March 2012

Most Billionaires Are Self-Made, Nearly Half The World's Biggest Fortunes Are Family-Run - Forbes