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Wealth Strategies
25 August 2023

Inflation, Rising Rates Put Behavioural Finance In The Frame

The discipline within economics known as behavioural finance continues to be important. The market...

Market Research
3 June 2022

Study Pinpoints Investment Confidence Gap Between Men, Women

A new study from London-based behavioural finance experts Oxford Risk looks at men and women’s...

Investment Strategies
17 May 2022

Why Behavioural Finance Needs Great Tech To Thrive

The field has been winning wealth management fans and generating plenty of noise. To make its...

12 January 2022

Singapore-Based Venture Fund Goes Big On "Play-To-Earn" Sector

The rising popularity of "play-to-earn" games, harnessing the power of distributed ledger...

24 December 2021

Editorial Comment: Reflections On Another Turbulent Year, Looking Ahead

Some late-December musings about what the year has meant for the industry and thoughts about what...

Financial Results
30 March 2021

Nomura, Credit Suisse Shares Slide, Warn Of Potential Big Hedge Fund Hit

Problems surrounding a US hedge fund have hit the Japanese and Swiss banks. They said the impact on...

Alt Investments
18 March 2021

Trends In Demand For Hedge Fund Strategies

ESG strategies and other relatively new elements are part of the hedge fund vocabulary today. And...

Investment Strategies
11 March 2021

Market Turmoil Gives Edge To Behavioural Finance Ideas

These haven’t been times for investors who cannot discipline their emotions. They have needed,...

Alt Investments
11 February 2021

Hedge Funds Gain During Stormy January

Much attention focused on how hedge funds shorting particular markets were attacked by retail...

3 February 2021

Singapore Fires Warning Amid Online Trading Drama

The Monetary Authority of Singapore and the regulatory body overseeing the Asian city-state's stock...

Comment & Analysis results for GameStop