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28 September 2020

CFA Ups Ante On Integrating Climate Risk

Financial professionals need the best tools and training for climate change analysis says a new...

Client Affairs
14 August 2020

Don’t Overlook Homegrown Talent

This was the government’s message to Singaporean businesses this week and reflects growing...

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14 August 2020

China "Bytes" Back: The Case For Equities - Comment

Much of what is fuelling deteriorating US-China relations is business dominance. China is rapidly...

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19 June 2020

Asia: Finding Longer Term Gains

Cerulli's latest report from Asia singles out HNWs and the retirement market as two segments that...

Client Affairs
26 May 2020

Hong Kong-Based Banks Tiptoe Back To Normal - Report

A report examined how banks in the jurisdiction are slowly but surely returning to more...

Client Affairs
15 May 2020

Getting Disciplined About ESG, Industry Takes Stock

More views on the strides of ESG from leading practitioners at Cornerstone Capital; Maitri in Asia,...

Client Affairs
1 May 2020

COVID-19 And ESG Data: Spotting Cracks Before The Quake

How far can country ESG data help identify potential fissures and predict a country's capacity to...

Client Affairs
25 February 2020

How Much Further Can Virus Spread: Fresh Market Reaction

The question being batted around is whether this is contained to a first quarter hit or whether...

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31 January 2020

Investor Confidence Down For Start Of Year

Asia was the only bright spot for investor sentiment across the globe in January, which could...

Client Affairs
24 January 2020

Protecting The Client: Why It's Much More Than Guarding Money

This news service is looking at a variety of topics that collectively come under the title of...

Comment & Analysis results for Client Affairs

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6 February 2012

Fine Dining, Travel And Spas; A Quintessentially Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is always a time for splurging on family dining, gifts and travel, with members...

Client Affairs
17 January 2012

International HNWs Divided On The Key To Happiness: Wealth Or Health?


Client Affairs
3 November 2011

The Rise Of Wealthy Women: The “Other” Wealth Transition

Worldwide, $20 trillion of investments are controlled by women, up by 16 per cent in just one year....

Client Affairs
16 October 2011

China’s Most Liquid Billionaires -Hurun Report


Client Affairs
19 September 2011

Careful Planning Needed For Same-Sex Couples

In the second part of a series on planning issues for same-sex couple clients, following the...

Client Affairs
17 August 2011

Wealth Managers Respond To ID Theft Threats

With identity theft on the rise, high net worth individuals are being increasingly targeted. Wealth...

Client Affairs
9 August 2011

Seven Issues Wealth Managers Should Know About Divorce

Divorcing clients require a great deal of financial and emotional support. In order to provide the...

Client Affairs
8 July 2011

Opportunities, Pitfalls During Client Onboarding - New Report

The potential for significant asset growth means new-client onboarding is an important process for...

Client Affairs
3 July 2011

Interview: Quintessentially Follows The Money

Quintessentially has followed the example of banks and asset managers by relocating its global...

Client Affairs
1 July 2011

From Shirtsleeves To Shirtsleeves: The Psychological Barriers To Maintaining Wealth

For companies who make their business out of managing family wealth, trying to prevent the...