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Wealth Strategies
8 October 2020

Don't Let Your Politics Blunt Investment Returns

Political opinions, of any kind, can seriously reduce your investment returns. Anti-capitalism and...

WM Market Reports
27 August 2020

Review: The Rich In Public Opinion By Rainer Zitelmann

This news service reviews a chunky new study of how people in the US, Germany, the UK, France and...

WM Market Reports
8 July 2020

How The Rich, Super-Rich Made Fortunes - An Overview

A frequent commentator on views about wealth examines the sources of riches, throwing light on...

4 May 2020

Super-Rich Increasingly Under Attack Amid Coronavirus Crisis

What should ultra-high net worth individuals think and how should they act if coronavirus-driven...

Emerging Markets
14 January 2020

Chinese-Style Capitalism - A Personal Perspective

The author of this article argues that in some respects China is arguably more committed to free...

WM Market Reports
11 November 2019

Global, Asian Billionaire Wealth Dips, But America Bucks Trend

Billionaires became more numerous last year but their total wealth was dented as economic headwinds...

White Papers
17 September 2019

Understanding The Psychology Of The Super Rich

German academic and entrepreneur Rainer Zitelmann explores the psychology of wealth creators. ...

Trust Estate
12 August 2019

Inheritance Mostly Overrated As A Source Of Wealth

Is inheritance given too much credit as a source of wealth and therefore do policymakers and...

White Papers
8 August 2019

Views On Wealth: Why Most People Don't Admit They Envy Success

Wealthy people are under greater pressure in the era of the "one per cent" to justify what they...

21 December 2018

REVIEWS: Wealth, Business Books For 2018

A collection of reviews of business and economics books that were sent to the author this year. ...

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