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6 March 2023

The Squeeze On Investment Visas – What Should Happen Now?

With these programmes, the subject of this interview says, the benefit is not just in the initial...

17 February 2023

US Millionaires Get Itchy Feet – Study

Domestic economic and social woes are encouraging US millionaires to think of leaving, or moving to...

WM Market Reports
16 September 2022

US Is Top For Most Millionaire Cities, But Asia Is Rising – Study

Among other details of the report, it said that the millionaire populations of Dubai, Mumbai, and...

14 June 2022

Traditional Wealth Hubs Lose Shine, Others Gain As Geopolitics Rage

The UK and the US have their lost appeal as places for millionaires to reside, while Singapore,...

23 May 2022

The Rise Of The UK's Innovator Visa

The UK's Tier 1 investor regime is, for the time being, dead because of the Russian invasion of...

People Moves
20 May 2022

SJP Practice Recruits Senior Banker In Singapore

UK-listed St James's Place has been adding to its Asia presence, expanding since it bought the...

6 April 2022

Russia's Passport Power Cut To "Junk", War Upends Global Mobility

A firm tracking the travel freedoms obtained by different countries' passports noted how the...

23 March 2022

Politics, Covid And Climate Drive "Golden Visa" Market – Report

While it made a reference to conflict in Europe as a driver of some visa applications, the firm did...

18 February 2022

UK Mulls Ending Tier 1 Investor Scheme Amid Russia Tensions – Media

In the past, claims that the Tier 1 investor regime – aka "golden visa" – was being abused by...

6 October 2021

Global Travel Freedom Gap Widens Amidst Pandemic - Index

Tightening restrictions prompted by the pandemic - not always for reasons to do with COVID-19 - has...

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