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30 May 2024

Dubai And UAE: The New Vanguard Of Family Offices, Wealth Management

The author of this article bangs the drum for Dubai and the United Arab Emirates as jurisdictions...

17 April 2024

How Citizenship/Residency-By Investment Programmes Evolved - And What's Next

A marker for globalisation and the degree of unfettered movement that people enjoy, the market for...

28 February 2024

Malta, Portugal Shine Brightest In Citizenship, Residency Programmes Ranking

The data sheds light on who is top of the tree in the citizenship and residency-by-investment...

People Moves
24 October 2023

Summary Of Executive, Senior Moves In Asia-Pacific Wealth Management – August 2023

Among the most prominent moves of this typically vacation month were appointments at BNP Paribas,...

WM Market Reports
12 October 2023

Ranks Of "Centi-Millionaires" Grow In 2023

The wealth sector has another term to conjure with – "centis." "Centi-millionaires" are growing...

11 October 2023

HNW Visas, Foreign Residency Remain Popular Despite Headwinds, Advisors Say

Although some governments have suspended or closed so-called "golden visas," there remains plenty...

6 September 2023

Survey Shows How Crypto Millionaires Are A Major Wealth Force

A report spells out how many people have become HNW individuals from trading in cryptocurrencies...

People Moves
24 August 2023

Singapore-Headquartered Farro Starts Mobility, Immigration Solutions Business

Sometimes (but not always accurately) dubbed "golden visas," this market offers a significant...

19 July 2023

Singapore Passports Overtake Japan's For Most Visa-Free Travel

Such rankings cast light on the kind of jurisdictions that are attractive in lacking onerous entry...

23 March 2023

The UK-India Connection And HNW Individuals

This article delves into the details of how India and the UK can build on a series of trade and...

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