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2 July 2024

Hedge Fund Launches Rose Sharply In Q1, Liquidations Flat

While their fortunes can wax and wane, the sector's performance remains an important focus for the...

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24 June 2024

Emerging Market Hedge Fund Gains Accelerate Through May – HFR

Among other figures, data showed that assets under management in the emerging market hedge fund...

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10 June 2024

Hedge Funds Score Robust Gains In May

These investment entities, which remain important parts of the private banking and wealth jigsaw...

24 April 2024

Hedge Fund Capital Hits $4.3 Trillion; Crypto Strategies Skyrocket

Hedge funds' performance can wax and wane, and fees have slid from the 2 per cent management fee/20...

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2 April 2024

New Hedge Fund Launches Fell, Liquidations Broadly Steady – HFR

Chicago-headquartered HFR gave one of its barometer checks on the state of the world's hedge fund...

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24 January 2024

Singapore-Based Asia Genesis Hedge Fund Closes After Losses – Report

The macro fund is closing after making wrong-way bets, and now returning money to affected...

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3 January 2024

Hedge Funds Chalk Up Strong Emerging Markets Performance

One of the standout features of hedge fund performance in 2023 – at least until the end of...

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12 December 2023

Hedge Fund Performance Sparkles In November

A barometer of hedge fund returns showed that November was a strong month. ...

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9 November 2023

Macro Hedge Funds Set Hottest Pace In October – HFR

The firm said that these funds, which seek to profit from broad moves in economic events – as...

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14 August 2023

Hedge Funds Continue Summer Gains – HFR

A snapshot of performance across a range of strategies in the world's multi-trillion hedge fund...

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