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24 May 2024

Fundraising In The Middle East: Enforcement Spotlight – Kuwait

Raising money for investments in Kuwait comes with complexities and certain risks, as in all...

Practice Strategies
11 March 2024

Gender Equality And Wealth Management – The Challenge To Do Better

Following International Women's Day, this article from Standard Chartered explains what the...

Real Estate
22 February 2024

Wealthy Clients Keep Smiling On UK Property – Here’s Why

The author of this article delves into what wealthy investors around the world are doing in the UK...

20 October 2023

The Power of Investor Pushback And Regulatory Change. Case Study: Japan

Examining the Japanese market, the author of this article looks at how to answer clients when they...

9 October 2023

Navigating Success: The Pivotal Role Of Private Banking Headhunters

One of the most prominent headhunter figures in Asia-Pacific takes to our pages to write about the...

White Papers
29 September 2023

Central Bank Digital Currencies: Impact On Financial Inclusion, Private Sector Banks

Central bank digital currencies are being considered by a raft of countries. They bring, so...

Investment Strategies
13 September 2023

Inflation And What It Means For Asset Allocation, Markets

The author of this article argues that the resurgence of inflation and the recent interest rate...

12 September 2023

De-Risk Your Business Through Regulatory Resilience

The author of this article argues that when handled correctly, data privacy is not just about...

Real Estate
7 September 2023

Dubai D33: Agenda Of Growth – Market Overview, Long-Term Outlook

Property prices have surged in Dubai, fuelled by intense demand for a variety of reasons. The...

18 August 2023

Bridging Risk-Based And Uncertainty-Based Approaches To AML/CFT Compliance – Part 2

In this article – the second of two parts – the author looks at two broad approaches to...

17 August 2023

Bridging Risk-Based And Uncertainty-Based Approaches To AML/CFT Compliance – Part 1

In this article – the first of two parts – the author looks at two broad approaches to...

Alt Investments
4 August 2023

Accessing Private Market: Why, What, and How?

A lot is said and written about private market investing. The question of how to execute these...

19 July 2023

Letter From Hong Kong – Seeking "Blessings In Disguise"

We carry a new commentary from a senior figure in Hong Kong's wealth management industry, Nick...

17 July 2023

Do Anti-Private Jet Protesters Have Any Valid Arguments?

This commentary unpacks what it says is the real data on private jets' impact on the environment....

10 July 2023

AI Versus The Legal Workforce

Artificial intelligence, like any other invention, requires those who use and shape it to be a...

20 June 2023

Crypto Firms Look Elsewhere Amid US SEC Woes

After the jarring experiences of crypto firms in 2022, regulators are tightening controls –...

Alt Investments
19 May 2023

Fundraising In Japan: Opportunistic Or Long-Term Play – A Regulatory And Marketing View

The article looks at the regulatory and marketing implications of raising money in Japan for types...

Fund Management
12 April 2023

“Marketing In And From” Hong Kong: A Regulatory Case Study

Cross-border marketing of funds is an important topic that wealth managers, private banks and...

Alt Investments
17 December 2013

GUEST OPINION: Investing In Film - Time For Another Take?

Kirsty Bell, partner of Nyman Libson Paul, explains how measures like better finance structures...

Real Estate
16 September 2013

JP Morgan Private Bank On The Case For London's Real Estate

JP Morgan Private Bank sets out the case for why investing in London makes sense, even though...